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Free Range Exchange
Free Range Exchange

Our Story

We are dedicated to providing healthy foods in which the customer can be certain it has been grown or raised naturally.  We have made a commitment to using products that are locally and regionally sourced. 


Naturally grown and organic produce and meats will be the emphasis; ensuring customers are eating real food, free of harmful chemicals.  We partner with small farms that are passionate about raising happy animals that are given ample access to pasture, and growers who take measures to protect and increase biodiversity.


Supporting local small business is an integral part of our mission and we aim to showcase the best our region has to offer. We feature retail items from local artisans and farmers such as; honey, syrup, personal care, CBD products, produce, meat, eggs, and more. 


We offer a true local connection in the fact we have a story to tell. We specialize in hyper local and many of our sources have a personal connection.

Free Range Exchange

Fresh & Natural is what we offer

Protecting the environment is also at the forefront of our mission.  Reducing our carbon footprint by creating less waste, minimizing food miles, and using products that are sustainably grown will help ensure us of this goal. 


Protecting the air, soil, and water should be important to everyone and it something we are very passionate about. Preference will be to sources that also share this commitment, proven by their growing practices, packaging, and shared values.


We do our part by returning all food waste back to the farm. We compost all plant material and food scraps are provided back to happy animals. We also use eco-friendly products for all carryout packaging made by renewable or post consumer recycled materials.

Free Range Exchange
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