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Fresh Vegetables
Free Range Exchange
our Salads
are fresh with natural fruits & vegetables!
Free Range Exchange
"Excellent fresh healthy food. A huge variety of delicious choices. Salads are out of this world. Highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed." - Holly W.

A sure sign of a fresh, tasty salad is the vibrant colors.  Another sign is when you use only locally grown, natural and organic vegetables and fruits. 


We handmake our salads daily, ensuring freshness, a nice balance of ingredients, that it's nutritious and the flavors together make each bite memorable.  Our salads are created and ready to go for pick-up, whether it's an outdoor meal, at work or at home.

As our name implies, we are free ranging. We have no limits and our menu and availability is always changing. We encourage you to just stop in and see what is available at the moment or just give us a call. We also offer carry outs and curbside assistance if desired.

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